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Welcome to the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s Food Drives website. More than 812,000 people in Cook County - 1 in 6 - receives food from our network each year. Organizing a food drive is more important than ever as government hunger relief programs are declining and the need for us to purchase food is increasing. The food donations we receive from our food drive partners provide a wide variety of high quality, shelf-stable food products. Whether you host a traditional or virtual food drive - it's a great way to take immediate action in the fight against hunger. Start a food drive today and join us in our mission to end hunger in our community.

Why Host a Food Drive?

Food drives are an important source for donated food products. Without the food collected from food drives, the Food Depository would need to purchase even more food than we already do. Traditional food drive donations provide a wide variety of high quality, shelf-stable food products; however, you can now purchase even more food without spending more money by hosting a virtual food drive using our online grocery store. For every $1 dollar donated using our online grocery store, the Food Depository is able to provide 3 meals. By purchasing food in very large quantities, the Food Depository is able to purchase the food at cost or at much lower rates than the average consumer, so your monetary gifts will help us continue to fulfill our mission with the most impactful outcome.

Food drives don’t just help us feed those who are struggling with hunger; they help us spread awareness and bring attention to hunger and hunger-related issues.

Where Do Food Donations Go?

We invite you to come see the impact of your food drive contributions. Join us for a one hour, behind the scenes tour of our facility to meet members of our team, learn about food warehouse operations and storage, and discover more about the innovative programs that help distribute the food to your neighbors in need.

Core Items

The Greater Chicago Food Depository has committed to providing items in five categories to agency partners year-round to ensure the adequate supply, delivery and access to healthy food options for all people in need.

  • Grain
  • Protein
  • Dairy
  • Fruit / Vegetable
  • Shelf Stable Grocery Products

Be sure to download our Most Needed Items shopping list before heading to the store or Shop Now in our online grocery store, stocked with a variety of our core items.

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