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Greater Chicago Food Depository Food Drives (In partnership with CDW) -
            Make an immediate difference in the fight against hunger in our community.

For every $1 donated, the Food Depository can provide three meals for our neighbors in need.

Have a greater impact

Your donation goes further through a virtual food drive. Because of the Food Depository's wholesale purchasing ability and efficient distribution model, a virtual food drive gift provides more food than a traditional food drive—doubling or even tripling the impact of your generosity. And it's a fun way to make a donation! Every dollar raised through the virtual food drive is used to buy nutritious food for individuals and families at risk of hunger in our community.


Every day, the Greater Chicago Food Depository works to end hunger in our community. Many supporters make this impact possible.

Annual Goal
(in meals)
Total Impact
(in meals)
Top Drives Meals
Morningstar Food Drive 249,151
2016 Citadel Virtual Food Drive 223,863
Citadel 164,026
16th Food Drive Competition 116,513
RippleDead50 63,439

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