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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Food drive sponsors and partners make it possible for the Greater Chicago Food Depository to mobilize the public in the fight against hunger in our community. Their generosity of funds, resources, space and awareness enable and encourage thousands of people to provide food for their neighbors in need.

Online Shopping

Thank you to our food drive sponsors who have made the Food Depository’s online shopping feature possible. These companies are committed to ensuring that no 1 goes hungry in our community. Their generosity has made a huge impact for the people served by the Food Depository’s network of 650 pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and programs. In addition, their support has provided a better shopping experience for you to continue to give generously.

1 City, 1 Food Drive

During the November and December holiday season, more than 500 companies, organizations and individuals host food drives to benefit the Food Depository and provide awareness around the issue of hunger in our community. The 1 City, 1 Food Drive campaign unites their efforts to mobilize the public to end hunger. The Food Depository is deeply grateful to our sponsors and key media and food drive partners.

Please visit our website to learn more about other Food Depository corporate supporters

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