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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most common food drive questions. However, if you have a specific question not answered here, please feel free to contact our Food Drive Support Team at 773-843-7291 or send us an email.

Step 1: Plan

What is the difference between a traditional and a virtual food drive?

Can I host a combination traditional and virtual food drive?

How do I start a food drive?

How long should my food drive last?

How do I set a collection goal?

When is the best time to host my food drive?

Do you prefer financial donations or food donations?

Can dollars be converted into pounds of food?

What resources are available to help my food drive?

How do I request collection bags, boxes or barrels for my drive?

Step 2: Promote

Can I use your logo to help promote my food drive?

How do I use my customizable food drive web page to promote my food drive?

Step 3: Collect and Donate

Can I use my customizable web page if I'm collecting food donations?

How do I use the online grocery shopping tool for my virtual food drive?

What are the major guidelines for food donations?

What are the best items to donate?

Are there any items you will not accept?

Do I have to put my food donations in a certain type of box?

Do I need to check the expiration dates on our donations?

Step 4: Wrap Up

What are the requirements to schedule a pickup?

Where can I drop off my food donations?

What if I need more than one pickup?

How do I submit my financial donations?

Will I get a receipt for my donations?

Step 5: Get More Involved

Can our organization schedule a time to volunteer at your facility?

Can our organization tour your facility?

General Questions

How do I make a product donation if I work in the food industry?

How does the food collected from drives get to the people in need?

Can my organization volunteer to be a public drop off location?

How can my organization become a food drive sponsor?

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